Community projects are a fantastic way to explore Tanzania.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to travel to get quickly in relation with the people of the country, build friendship and unforgivable memories!
We are committed, all year round, to offering volunteering opportunities to people from all over the world.
The volunteer’s accommodations are located near the city center in a tranquil garden, adjacent to the the Masai Cafe in Arusha or at the Amarula Campsite in Kondoa

RACC offers short and longer term volunteering.

Short term: two weeks up to three months

– Give a hand and learn how to make handmade paper that is environmental friendly with NO chemicals and NO tree cuts.
We gather used paper, grasses from the savannah, african mulberry, figs etc.. and using the strength of the African sun, create paper which is uncontaminated by caustic bleaches or dyes and shaded by the natural ingredients that create it – savannah grass, recycled paper, leaves, weeds and bark and also rags- used clothes.
Paper connoisseurs are particularly interested in the paper itself. They are enticed by some of the unique ingredients, such as wild fig, baobab, and mulberry bark (also know as African Kozo). The slight deviation from conventional paper-making methods using traditional ingredients such as banana (abaca), sisal, water hyacinth and river reeds has produced handmade paper with a more rustic quality and charm to it.

– Help the Women Group making mud cooking stove, ecological briquettes or learn them how to do compost for farming or help them with the tree nursery.
We are working with Twiga women group in Mnenia village, Twiga groups activities are fuel briquettes, papermaking, mud stoves, pottery, tree nursery, farming.

– Put in place environmental art workshop for school kids in Kondoa region.
The aim is to encourage Mnenia village children and adults to respect their environment while understanding that we are all responsible, as a community, for our natural resources and, in particular – Kondoa- Irangi Rock Art Sites, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The school kids will learn the importance of Rock Art, using art, as a tool, in environmental education; through observation, drawing of Rock Art, local flora and fauna.

– Coach a local team on the sport fields in the middle of the Masai Steppe
Sports tours are a fine way to experience rural Africa. Football matches on dusty village pitches, netball games held on mountainous plains and rugby coaching in the middle of Masai Steppe. Tanzanians have amazing talent on the sports field and will leave you gasping for breath! Why not bring your local sports strip as a donation to a local Tanzanian team?

Volunteering fees

Rock Art Conservation Centre is a non profit organization, registered in Tanzania #75473 © 2011

We’re sorry that we can’t afford to pay you during your stay and in fact we need you to pay us!
The fees we charge pay for your food, accommodation and supervision and help to fund the community projects
we are working on.
A visa is also required to volunteer in Tanzania. The cost is US $ 500 for long term volunteering

Our fees are:
Arusha: US $250 per week
Kondoa: US$200 per week + transport fees to be determine on site.

What’s included?
Airport transfer at arrival, accommodation with 24 hour security, 3 meals a day, local orientation, project guidance and support.

What’s not included?
Flights – international and internal flights, airport transfer at departure, travel insurance, tanzanian visas, vaccinations, personal purchases.
You’ll want to bring your own toiletries, medicines, music and reading material. Volunteers should bring money for bottled water, dining out, excursions and entertainment.


Longer term: three months to six months and more

– Give English classes to the kids in Kondoa.
– Help in an orphanage.
– Join in to give a hand to the teacher’s involve in the Roots & Shoots program.

– Researchers, there is a lot of work for you concerning the Rock Art paintings in Kondoa. We are looking for anthropologists that would be interested to do interviews with the Sandawe tribe. Their ancestors are the artist who painted the rock’s shelters in Kondoa district.

print on handmade paper

Volunteering at the Rock Art information Centre

ARUSHA is a lovely town located on the slopes of Mount Meru in the northern part of Tanzania.
(Less than an hour from Kilimanjaro International airport by car.) In the garden of the Masai Cafe is the Warm Heart Art Gallery and a part of it is dedicated to the Rock Art Information Center.
– You have computer skills, you are a techno minded, we have sophisticaded Epson printer able to print poster size pictures.
– You are fund of administrative work.
– You are creative and like art.
– And more. Join us on a short or long term volunteering. Together we can make a c