The Rock Art Conservation Center of Tanzania (RACC) located in Arusha, is a non-profit organization created to locate, preserve, protect, interpret, and promote central Tanzania’s rock paintings.

In Kondoa district, there is a World Heritage site of spectacular collection of images from over 150 shelters
over 2,336 km2 , reflecting beliefs, rituals and cosmological traditions that are part of our collective memory.

Our goals include the advancement of scientific knowledge and public education at the local, regional, and international levels and the alleviation of poverty in communities associated with rock art sites.

We work closely with community people in Arusha and Kondoa district.


We promote local and international artists work offering them an working and gallery space.
We encourage innovative art expression.
We give art workshops, especially papermaking in its numerous ways.
We offer also artists and volunteer workers residency.

Community projects and we are affiliated to the Jane Goodall Institue program for school kids: Roots & Shoots

SArah Emmanuel Mollel

Managing Director Rock Art Project Community Projects

Community Projects

Ongoing Projects with village communities, school kid, women groups.

Seppo Hallavainio